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Why Dexter: New Blood Needed Deb To Return | Screen Rant

Dexter: New Blood shows off a whole new set of cast and characters, but including a returning Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter's sister, Deb. Thus far only two episodes have been released for New Blood, with each new episode coming out every Sunday on Showtime. As of now, the only returning characters from the original series are of course Dexter, Deb, and Harrison. Though, the inclusion of other previous characters could be on the horizon. There's no question that these two hold a very special place in Dexter's heart, so viewers are excited to see them return.

The original series left off on a sad note, with Deb tragically dead and Dexter leaving Harrison with Hannah McKay. Dexter fakes his own death and flees to the cold wilderness out of guilt and shame for his sordid past. Dexter: New Blood takes place 10 years after season 8  and is set in Iron Lake. The serial killer attempts to live a quiet life, free from his previous murderous tendencies. This time, Harry isn't there to act as his metaphorical conscience, but Deb is. When Harrison returns, Dexter's life is immediately uprooted, and he falls back into his old ways quicker than expected.

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Deb seems to thrive in her new role as Dexter's foul-mouthed and angry conscience. In fact, she seems to appear a lot more frequently than Harry did. Deb's death seriously affected many viewers and so her reappearance is considered more than welcome. So what did she bring to the original Dexter and what is she bringing to the table in Dexter: New Blood? Here's exactly why Deb absolutely needed to return to the series.

As previously stated, Deb's death in season 8 really impacted audiences' view of the show, probably because of the special relationship that the siblings shared. No matter what the two always had each other's backs. Even when Deb finds out that Dexter is a murderer, she doesn't turn her brother in, she doesn't turn her back on him, she doesn't even stop communicating with him. While the revelation definitely takes a major toll on her, she never stops being a part of Dexter's life. Dexter mentions that he's incapable of real love, but if he had to love someone it would probably be Deb.

Since the siblings share such a strong bond, Deb is an easy choice for the manifestation of Dexter's conscience. She has a strong moral compass and fights tirelessly for what she believes in. Through it all, she was never overindulgent or enabling with her brother. Deb admits her love for Dexter in a subplot of the original show, which means that she's willing to tell him the truth, no matter how uncomfortable. The killer seems to hold Deb's opinion in high regard, something he doesn't often do with others. If the relationship wasn't present to keep Dexter grounded in New Blood, he probably would never have stopped killing for as long as he did.

Jennifer Carpenter won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television and was nominated for six other awards because of her incredible performance as Deb. Filmmakers first noticed Carpenter for her role as Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily RoseIn 2008 the actress got more attention as Angela Vidal in the found-footage horror film Quarantine. However, her characterization of Debra Morgan on Dexter is what put her on the map. Carpenter has been endlessly praised by critics for her passionate and realistic performance as the tenderhearted cop. Given that her acting is regarded so highly by critics and viewers alike, it would've been deeply unwise not to include Carpenter in DexterNew Blood.

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Dexter isn't really open to a lot of outside influence when it comes to his decision-making, except for maybe when it comes to Deb. Countless times in the series audiences find Dexter's internal monologue considering "maybe Deb was right" or "I don't want to upset Deb". Since Deb and Dexter have such a tight bond, and because he holds her in opinion in high regard, Deb definitely has an impact on her brother's decisions. This is another great reason for Deb to reappear as her brother's conscience. Short of not killing Hannah McKay, the antihero often listens and learns from his sister. Though her role is different in New Blood than it is in Dexter, Deb seems to hold even more influence over Dexter's decision-making in the revival series.

The thing that Dexter needs in order to keep on track (and away from killing people), is a constant reminder of his past. Since he's in a completely new town, with a new job, a new girlfriend, and ultimately a new life, he isn't left with many constraints. So what's keeping the killer grounded throughout all of this? It's Deb. Her presence in New Blood acts as a link to his past and a trajectory for his future. While New Blood is markedly different from the original series, Deb's presence can help more tentative viewers acclimate to the new cast and setting. There will most likely be a lot of callbacks and references to Miami and Dexter's old life in the revival show. So, having Deb around to help guide the way makes the transition a much more comfortable experience.

Veteran actor James Remar plays the wise Harry Morgan in the original series. Though he died a long time ago, Harry acts as a memory in Dexter's mind that occasionally pops up with sagely advice and reminders about the preestablished "code" that he instills in Dexter from an early age. However, in New Blood Harry has been replaced by Deb. The reasoning behind this is that James Remar is simply too old to play Harry Morgan again. Since memories don't really age, it would look unrealistic to have him reappear. Despite repeating his same Miami routine, Dexter is in a very different stage of his life and therefore in dire need of a new conscience. He isn't living by the code anymore, so having Harry return wouldn't make sense for the new show. Harry was there to stop Dexter from killing incorrectly, while Deb is there to stop Dexter from killing at all.

Adding a new conscience into New Blood is proof that Dexter has changed. The fact that the serial killer hasn't murdered anyone in ten years is probably due to Deb's manifestation. Towards the end of Dexter, the protagonist started to shut Harry out more and more, but thus far Deb is a frequent and prevalent voice in the revival show. She appears much more often than Harry did, showing just how much influence she holds over Dexter's life and the patterns that he creates. Deb as Dexter's new dark passenger shows just how much Dexter has changed since she isn't trying to tell him who and how to kill. Rather, her purpose is to keep Dexter grounded, focused, and level. He tries his hardest to listen and stick to a routine but inevitably fails once Harrison arrives. The reason he had such a successful 10-year run is most probably because of Deb.

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Quite simply, Dexter: New Blood just wouldn't be the same without Debra Morgan. She held such a strong presence in the series that without her the revival would feel a little lost. The cop acted as an anchor for Dexter's childhood and went through an engaging character arc from vice cop all the way up to Elway's P.I. agency. Her relationships were always interesting and dynamic, whether she was dating Quinn or in love with her foster brother. Since her character had such an impact on the show Deb's horrible ending became a subject of heated debate for both fans and critics. News of her return probably brought back a lot of long-time viewers and injected hope into the quality of the revival.

Pretty much everyone is thrilled about Jennifer Carpenter's reprisal as Deb on Dexter: New BloodHer powerful relationship with Dexter makes her an integral part of the franchise, and the actress performs so well as the character that Carpenter receives nothing but positive reviews. Deb will inevitably impact Dexter's decisions going forward in the show, and her presence helps viewers adapt to the new setting. While Dexter's relationship with Angela is comparable to Deb's, it's inarguable that Debra Morgan needed to return.

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