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Why Hailee Steinfeld's Dickinson Is The Most Underrated Show On Streaming

Dickinson, starring Hailee Steinfeld, is the most underrated show on streaming. Dickinson is a comedy series created by Alena Smith (The Affair), streaming on Apple TV+ and featuring Steinfeld as the titular character. The show focuses on the life of American poet Emily Dickinson as she challenges the conventions of gender and society and struggles to get herself heard. Throughout its run, Dickinson has always been renewed ahead of its current season premiere; consequently, prior to its season 2 premiere, it has been announced that the series will end with season 3.

With its promising concept of shedding light on the famously reclusive artist’s life, Hailee Steinfeld’s Dickinson has been highly praised. Critics have been delightfully shocked by the show’s bold yet well-executed blend of period spectacle and modern elements. Many have also acknowledged the talent of its cast, particularly Steinfeld, who delivers and even goes beyond the expectations of viewers. However, despite these overwhelming rave reviews, Dickinson remains the most underrated show on streaming today.

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When Dickinson was released as part of Apple TV+’s launch on November 1, 2019, it was lumped in with original titles including SeeThe Morning Show, and For All Mankind, all of which attracted more immediate buzz thanks to big budgets or A-list casts. As a result, it was arguably difficult for Dickinson to stand out, especially since at the time, there was perhaps less interest in a show that treads the line between comedy and drama, and history and modernity, all of which stopped it from breaking out and limited its reach. Although Apple TV+ has hit shows like Ted Lasso, that's more of an exception than the rule, and with the streaming service having fewer subscribers then Dickinson has further faced an uphill battle for recognition.

Obviously, Steinfeld’s Dickinson does not deserve this apparent lack of substantial coverage and viewership, and while these are not the reasons that the show is ending, it is still disappointing that such a great show is underrated and underappreciated. Dickinson has stellar writing that intricately fleshes out its characters, who, in turn, are excellently portrayed by its outstanding and perfectly cast actors. The show is also unapologetic in showcasing the chemistry between the characters, especially Emily and Sue (Ella Hunt), effortlessly bringing to life their joy, pain, and yearning.

Moreover, to further underscore Emily’s coming of age, Dickinson creatively uses 21st-century language and music, featuring artists like Billie Eilish, Mitski, and Lizzo. Subsequent shows have done similar things, such as Bridgerton, which covers modern songs in regency style, which makes it more of a shame that Dickinson didn't get the credit it deserves for it. The prestige comedy also boasts an impressive roster of guest stars, elevating the intensity and stakes of each episode. Thanks to all these factors, Dickinson has received several nominations and even a Peabody Award for Entertainment - yet it is hardly talked about and has little cultural weight.

Unfortunately, Dickinson only reiterates that a high-caliber show does not always guarantee mainstream recognition. Even though it is the most underrated show currently streaming, it has already created history by exploring Emily Dickinson’s story, touching on still-relevant issues, and being a model for ingenious storytelling. That just makes Dickinson season 3's last verse more satisfying.

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