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Xenomorphs Are Famous 'Movie Monsters' in The Alien Universe, Too

The famously terrifying Xenomorphs of the Alien franchise have been nightmare fuel since the creature’s first introduction in Ridley Scott’s Alien, and in one comic, they are depicted as ‘movie monsters’ as well. The widely diverse Alien comic book series have stretched the imagination of fans and broadened the scope of the Alien mythos by delving deeper into the lore. From alien-fighting ninjas to Xeno-synthetics, the wider Alien Universe that exists in the comics is vast with creative world-building. One comic even makes the Xenomorphs famous ‘movie monsters’ in the Alien Universe, too. 

In Aliens: Horror Show by Sarah Byam and David Roach, a company that is seemingly pulled straight out of Total Recall wants to create a virtual simulation that throws buyers into a nightmare, Xenomorph-filled world for the entertainment of the buyer. The initiative is named ‘Genres’ and the company decides to move forward with the project beginning with the initial launch of the Horror Genre and then develop different ones for other consumers. While each person who uses the Horror Genre begins their hellish journey in different settings, they all end the same way. 

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Given the widely known horrors of the Xenomorphs established in the universe, the Horror Genre always takes users deep into the clutches of a Xenomorph hive. The Xenomorph features aren’t by accident either, they are deliberately placed within the experience by the company because of their terrifying nature. Basically a major company is banking off of the fear factor that are the Xenomorphs, much like what is being done in real life with the release of every Alien film or television series. 

The parallels between this Alien story and the real world are striking with the Xenomorph being used as a metaphor for not just Alien-related experiences but any property owned by a corporation. In the comic, the Xenomorphs were used as props, over and over again because the company was confident in their profitability. The same could be said in regard to formulaic movies or television shows of any genre, being a cut-off of the one that was released prior simply for the pursuit of money rather than the genuine expansion of a mythological world that increases fan experience, not exacerbating it. 

If a metaphor can be drawn from the comic, it is a message to entertainment companies to be more like the MCU and less like Friday the 13th. Though beyond real-world comparisons, the idea that a fictional world within the world of Alien has corporations capitalizing off of the Xenomorphs themselves is an intriguing idea and one that leads to an incredibly unique and wildly entertaining comic book proving that Xenomorphs are famous ‘movie monsters’ in the Alien Universe, too.

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