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Zack Snyder Marks Justice League Theatrical Anniversary With Wonder Woman Photo

Justice League director Zack Snyder acknowledged the fourth anniversary of the film's theatrical release by posting a behind-the-scenes photo on social media. The 2017 superhero blockbuster was generally considered a big miss for Warner Bros. and DC, who had been hoping for an Avengers-level success with their DC team up. Upon release, the film was shot down with a 40% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and while it took in over $650M at the box office worldwide, Justice League was the lowest-grossing of any DCEU film up to that point.

However, the disappointing version of the film that hit theaters that November was not the one Snyder had set out to make. The director, who parted ways with the film midway through production after a family tragedy, had envisioned a longer, darker take on the Justice League. As years passed following the film's release, online demand for the so-called "Snyder Cut" grew louder. Eventually, Warner Bros. caved and released Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max earlier this year. The new iteration of Justice League was just over four hours long and proved a significantly more serious and real-world take on the DC characters. Despite its length, the film received mostly positive reactions from fans and critics, which has led some to call for a revival of the Snyderverse continuity in DC's films.

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Snyder acknowledged the fourth anniversary of Justice League's initial release by posting a new image on his social media network of choice, Vero (via Reddit user shadowcoll). The image, which was posted without any accompanying caption, showcases a Justice League clapperboard with Zack Snyder's name on it as the director and camera operator. Behind it lies an image depicting Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman alongside numerous soldiers. The image is one that Snyder previously revealed on Twitter earlier this year, and it is an alternate version of a photo in Batman v. Superman that depicted her alongside Steve Trevor and other friends in WWI. Check out Snyder's post below:

This alternate image behind Snyder's clapper board depicts Wonder Woman in a similar pose to the final photo, except the photo was taken in 1854 rather than the 1910s. Diana is also holding the severed heads of her enemies, which is a significantly darker and more violent approach to the character than what has been seen in the DCEU since. The image was replaced in Batman v. Superman so that it would more accurately portray Diana's history, which would be explored in Patti Jenkins' Wonder Woman in 2017. 

Snyder mysteriously sharing the new behind-the-scenes image in tandem with the anniversary of Justice League's release has some fans speculating about what meaning could be behind it. Some have taken this as a sign that Snyder could be returning to the DCEU to restore the Snyderverse. However, in reality, this is likely just a fun acknowledgement from the director. Both Warner Bros. and DC have been very open and clear about their decision to move on from the Snyderverse in favor of a new direction for DCEU films and characters. While it would be exciting to have Snyder return to see his vision through to the end, there are a lot of other projects the studios have coming down the pipe, such as Matt Reeves' The Batman, Andy Muschietti's The Flash, and James Wan's Aquaman sequel, which are all worth getting very excited about.

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Source: shadowcoll/Reddit

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