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10 Best Dual-Type Fighting Pokémon | ScreenRant

The Fighting-type has always been fairly dominant in the Pokémon franchise. Mainly made up of Physical attackers, this typing boasts some of the most intimidating opponents in the series. In addition, Fighting is the only type that is super-effective against the Normal-type, giving it a special place in the meta.

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While pure Fighting-types can be fantastic, Pokémon that have dual-typing can gain additional benefits. The best dual-type Fighting Pokémon are exceptional on a playthrough team, and though many are only accessible late-game, in specific games, or through events, they are fantastic at any point if trainers can get them.

10 Mega Blaziken

One of the most beloved final evolutions of a starter Pokémon in the series, Blaziken gets a significant boost when it Mega Evolves. Both its offensive stats are fantastic, but its Attack stat is where the Pokémon truly shines.

Mega Blaziken also has a capable Speed stat that allows it to often move before opponents. This stat gains a further buff at the end of each turn as a result of its Ability, Speed Boost. With its great move pool, which contains many Physical attacks, Mega Blaziken can quickly become a terrifying foe.

9 Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)

Both Meloetta's Normal/Psychic Aria Forme and Normal/Fighting Pirouette Forme help put the Mythical among the best dual-type Normal Pokémon, and the Pirouette Forme makes it a fantastic combatant among other dual-type Fighting Pokémon. Incredibly fast, Meloetta can out-speed most of the opponents it faces, and its high Attack stat helps it to capitalize on these opportunities.

Defensively, Pirouette Forme Meloetta is not as stellar, with a decent Defense stat and a slightly underwhelming Special Defense. However, its HP makes up for these stats a bit. Quick and offensively capable, Pirouette Forme Meloetta can often finish the job before it has to take a lot of damage.

8 Mega Gallade

Mega Gallade may not have an impressive HP stat, but its Special Defense and, to a lesser extent, its Defense, help to make up for it a bit. As a Psychic/Fighting-type, it also only has three type weaknesses, which further helps it defensively. Mega Gallade's best feature is what it can do offensively. It has a high Speed stat and a phenomenal Attack stat, allowing it to defeat many opponents with ease.

Mega Gallade's Ability, Inner Focus, keeps it from flinching, which is a welcome bonus despite not being one of the most game-changing Abilities in the series. In Generation VIII, Inner Focus also blocks Intimidate, but since Mega Gallade is not available in Generation VIII, it does not benefit from this aspect.

7 Zamazenta (Crowned Shield)

In its Hero of Many Battles form, Zamazenta is already a powerful Pokémon, but it gains a huge buff to its defensive stats in its Crowned Shield form. Because of its typing of Fighting/Steel, it also has the advantage of having eight type resistances. Furthermore, Zamazenta's signature Ability Dauntless Shield raises its already high Defense when it enters the battle.

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Zamazenta is more than just a defensive Legendary, though. It has a fantastic Speed stat, and its excellent Attack stat gives it the strength to be an offensive powerhouse.

6 Mega Lucario

Pokémon that even non-fans of the franchise know, Lucario is beloved for its prominence in various forms of media, its appearance, and its strength. Upon Mega Evolving, Lucario gains a significant boost and becomes even more dangerous.

Mega Lucario's Speed stat lets it act before a majority of opponents, and its incredible Attack and Special Attack allow it to do massive damage and often knock enemies out in one hit. Its bulk is less impressive, but it rarely needs it. With its Ability, Adaptability, which increases the power of moves with a Same Type Attack Bonus, Mega Lucario is a force to be feared.

5 Kommo-o

As a pseudo-Legendary, Kommo-o has a high base stat total that allows it to stand tall among some incredibly strong Pokémon. The Dragon/Fighting-type has a fairly even stat spread, but it can withstand Physical damage slightly better than Special damage thanks to its higher Defense stat.

Though its five type weaknesses, one of which is an extreme vulnerability, can be concerning, it also boasts seven type resistances. Offensively, though its Physical side is slightly stronger, both its Attack and Special Attack are reasonably high, letting it use some stellar attacks from both categories to destructive effect.

4 Mega Mewtwo X

Mega Mewtwo X, which gains a secondary Fighting-type upon Mega Evolving, has such a high base Attack stat that even enemies that heavily resist Physical blows can have trouble dealing with it. It also has a fantastic Speed stat, so many enemy teams have no hope of combating it.

Furthermore, its Special Attack, while lower than its Attack, is also exceptional and provides more options during battle. Even if it cannot take out enemies in one hit, Mega Mewtwo X has more than decent defensive stats and HP to withstand damage. Mega Mewtwo X's absurdly high stats also put it among the best dual-type Psychic Pokémon.

3 Marshadow

With the unique typing of Fighting/Ghost, Marshadow has been a fascinating Mythical since its introduction. It has also become beloved because of its battling capabilities. It is very fast and has a great Attack stat, letting it properly utilize the attacks it can access through leveling up, all of which are Physical.

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While a few of Marshadow's available moves are strong, others are less impressive. This, however, does not bother Marshadow because of its Ability, Technician, which boosts the power of weaker attacks. This Ability puts these moves alongside some of the Mythical's strongest. Its bulk is not phenomenal, but it is enough to usually allow Marshadow to take a fair amount of damage before going down.

2 Pheromosa

Though its human-like appearance makes it generally considered an Ultra Beast whose design misses the mark, Pheromosa's strength makes it one of the strongest among its peers. With one of the highest base Speed stats in the Pokémon franchise, the Bug/Fighting-type rarely acts after its opponent.

With incredible stat values in both its Attack and Special Attack, Pheromosa can easily devastate many enemy teams. Its defensive stats are abysmal, so one strike can often take the Ultra Beast out, but its offensive capabilities make it one of the best glass cannons the series has to offer.

1 Mega Heracross

In early generations, Heracross was one of the few exceptions to the general rule that Bug-types were weaker than most. With its Mega Evolution, it received a further buff that let it compete with some of the stronger Pokémon in the series.

It has a decent Speed stat, but it is not high enough to let Mega Heracross consistently act first. With its capable bulk, though, Mega Heracross can take a solid amount of damage. When it has the chance to strike, Mega Heracross demolishes with its ridiculously high Attack stat, showing that this Bug/Fighting-type is a more than worthy opponent.

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