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10 Best TV Pilots, According To Reddit | ScreenRant

TV pilots can be forgotten or memorable, and there isn't often an in-between. When the first episode of a series is great, it showcases the setting, lets viewers know which characters are the ones to root for, and gets people excited to watch more. Many shows have impressive pilots that people still talk about today as these introductions stand out from the crowd. And if there's a cliffhanger ending, that works even better.

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From sitcoms to dramas and mysteries, there are several pilots that fans love, and Reddit users are sharing their favorite half-hour or hours of television that got them interested in a show.

10 Lost

Lost is full of cliffhangers, sweet moments between the main characters, and of course, lots of action and mystery. It's no wonder that the pilot is a fan favorite. While people still debate and argue about the finale, it's hard to deny the powerful storytelling of learning about the main characters ending up on the island.

A few Redditors said that the pilot episode of Lost is one of the best out there. Reddit user rfdns wrote, "LOST. the pilot alone is it's own movie."

9 Scrubs

Several Reddit users shared their love for the Scrubs pilot. One Redditor wrote that the pilot episode "gave a great taste of the humor to expect while still filling it with a believable and interesting story."

Scrubs has its own tone that is so different from sitcoms and medical dramas, as J.D. always sees things from his own funny POV and he can't help but have his famous daydreams on a regular basis. The first episode does a good job of showing fans what the show will be like: quirky and heartwarming.

8 The O.C.

The O.C. is one of the most popular teen dramas and the first episode does a perfect job showing the contrast between Ryan's tough and tragic past and the fancy, wealthy world that he's moving into.

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Reddit user JayHawkBball wrote, "The OC’s pilot is everything a melodramatic teen drama should be." From Sandy taking Ryan in to Ryan and Marissa seeing each other for the first time, the pilot can be considered perfect. It's hard not to want to keep watching immediately to see how Ryan fits in.

7 Community

Reddit user Blockyrage loves the pilot of Community because "it introduces all the main characters, their backgrounds, and the direction of the show all in about twenty minutes."

Fans love Jeff's best Community speeches and he has an important and meaningful one in the very first episode. One Redditor agreed, writing that Jeff has a perfect speech about all of the characters. Right away, it becomes clear that this isn't an ordinary sitcom and that its quirky sense of humor is something special.

6 The West Wing

Reddit user kellydofc loves the pilot of The West Wing, writing, "That final scene with the President is outstanding." Reddit user lostinthought15 agreed, adding, "the running jokes about Bartlett and the bicycle."

The West Wing excels as a sweet, funny show about politics that isn't dry at all, and it contains some of the best written dialogue of any TV drama. The pilot episode doesn't disappoint and introduces fans to characters who care deeply about their careers and their country while loving each other.

5 Orphan Black

The pilot episode of Orphan Black is another great one. Reddit user -GregtheGreat- wrote, "I watched it with no idea what the show was actually about, and the twists blew my mind."

It's fascinating watching Sarah learn about the clones and things just get wilder from there. If any TV pilot makes people want to keep watching, it's this one, as it's impossible to figure out where the show is going and that feels super exciting.

4 The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has perfect cold opens and fans love a lot of things about the pilot as well. It's compelling watching Rick Grimes deal with zombies and realize the horror of what awaits him.

Reddit user Oberon_Swanson praised "the effects, acting, and story" of the first episode of The Walking Dead, writing it was a "step above anything zombie fans would ever expect to see on TV."

3 Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is another popular TV series that has an excellent pilot. Reddit user Clapperroth loves it because "you want to know more about the characters." One Redditor agreed that "Veronica’s narrative voice was so compelling."

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There's so much happening in this pilot, from learning about Veronica's sweet relationship with her dad Keith to Veronica's backstory as a formerly popular teenager. There's also the mystery of what happened to Veronica's best friend Lilly and, of course, viewers love watching Veronica solve mysteries.

2 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Several Reddit users shared their love for the pilot episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and one Redditor said "established the main characters perfectly with a superb script."

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has high rated episodes and the first one stands out since it shows Midge as a young woman deciding to go out on her own and become a stand-up comedian. She doesn't care what people think of her and she's determined to succeed, and the show's fast-paced tone and hilarious lines are established as well.

1 The Night Of

For Reddit user jnichollThe Night Of has a great pilot. The fan wrote, "the rest of the show is underwhelming because it never gets close to reaching the heights of the first episode."

In the first episode of the HBO miniseries, viewers are introduced to John Stone, the lawyer who is helping Naz, a Pakistani-American student who spends an evening with Andrea. Naz wakes up to find out that Andrea has been killed and people think that he did it. The pilot depicts the dark reality of a murder investigation.

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