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10 Big Brother Challenges That Would Fit Perfectly In Squid Game

Squid Game's strange combination of childhood games and extreme violence threw viewers for a loop, but it also became a hugely popular success story for Netflix. With a season 2 reportedly on the way (although Netflix says it is still talking about the possibility),  it has fans excited to think of what games might be included in the next season.

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While classic childhood games like hopscotch, musical chairs, tag, and Red Rover have all been bandied about, it would be interesting to consider competition games from other shows and how they could fit into the Squid Game world. One such show that has plenty of competitions ranging from strategy to endurance is Big Brother.


OTEV is one of the best Big Brother competitions ever, so it's no surprise that it's one that comes back every year. In the game, contestants are asked a question relating to their time in the house, then must slide down a slippery slope, search through mud and guck to find a card with the right answer on it, then run back up the slope using a rope to assist them and sit in one of the seats to present their answer. In a musical chairs twist, the last person to come up has nowhere to sit and is eliminated, if everyone else got the right answer.

It's easy to see how this game could work with Squid Game, players going in rounds, presenting their answers to The Masked Man.

9 The Pressure Cooker

This was the competition that Kaysar famously gave up a win to Jennifer in, after 14 hours. In the competition, the houseguests had to stand in a glass box with their fingers on a button. If they let go of the button, they were eliminated. Those who were eliminated got to open a box that contained either a punishment or a reward.

This competition would fit perfectly in Squid Game as not only would contestants be confined to a small space, fearing death, but they would also try to manipulate others, as Jennifer did to Kaysar by lying to him. What's more, the fate of each player could be determined by the box they open after elimination: does that box say death or the person gets to live? And is it worth holding on to the button for as long as possible or risking the 50/50 chance?

8 Knight Moves

In this Chess-inspired game, players take turns moving one tile at a time on a life-sized board, after which they turn over that tile. Once a player is on a tile, that tile is out of play. Once a person is completely boxed in and has nowhere to go, they are eliminated.

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As seen in the All-Stars season 22, there are several ways to play this strategy, including players teaming up to purposely box in someone else, or simply moving as far away from others as possible.

7 The Wall

The Wall, one of the most creative Head of Household competitions on Big Brother, is one that occurs in virtually every season. An endurance competition, players must stand against a wall, holding on to something or balancing on a beam of some kind. If they fall off, they are out. But it isn't as easy as it sounds: oftentimes, things are being pelted at them, from paint to goo, cold water, and more.

Seeing all the players in Squid Game lined up in a row, fighting with all their might to stay up knowing they will die if they fall would be an interesting test of strength and will.

6 Slippery Slope

One of the longer endurance games on Big Brother, in Slippery Slope, players must go back and forth on a slippery surface carrying tiny cups of water from a container on one side to place into their own container on the other. The first person to fill their container with enough water to raise a little ball up and grab it wins. Off to the side is a smaller container that, when filled, offers guaranteed personal safety, but only the first person who fills that one gets it.

It could be an interesting Squid Game competition whereby only the first 10-20 players make it. Players would have to figure out a strategy that works best, whether it's vying for the smaller container, crawling on their hands and legs, or sliding as quickly as possible without dropping any water to fill their jugs faster than the others.

5 Hide And Go Veto

A fan-favorite game from the show, houseguests go into the house one by one and hide their Veto cards as best they can. If the card is found by another player, who gets to ransack the house searching for a short period of time, the player is out.

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It would be interesting to see how Squid Game players come up with unique spots to hide their cards in hopes that no one else finds them. Then, they must sit in anticipation for each person to come out one by one, terrified if they see them come out with a card that might be theirs.

4 Caged Eggs

Caged Eggs might be one of the most boring Veto challenges on Big Brother, but add the element of life or death and it would be far more intense. In this game, houseguests must carefully manipulate an egg through a wire cage, up and around to an exit point where they must then place it carefully down. It's similar to the Honeycomb Candy Challenge in Squid Game, which required careful movements while also racing against a clock.

In Big Brother, if an egg drops and breaks, they can try again. It's an endurance competition so while they are racing against others, it lasts for hours. In Squid Game, it could last the same except players get one egg and are instantly eliminated if that egg drops.

3 Spelling Search

In this game, houseguests must search through goo and mess to find letter cards, then place them on a board and, in Scrabble style, try to spell as long a word as they can. Is the intelligent person at an advantage here or the more athletic one who can find letters more quickly?

With the clock running, at what time does a player form a word and lock it in versus continuing to search in hopes of lengthening that word or making a new one? It's an intense race against the clock where the players have to make a decision before time runs out. Only the longest word, or perhaps in the case of Squid Game, the longest words, make it through.

2 Ball Roll

A game that requires hand-eye coordination and fast movements, houseguests must roll a ball back and forth over a tented track, running to catch it at the other side before it falls. Going back and forth, it's easy to get dizzy or run out of steam.

In Squid Game, players could be eliminated one by one as soon as their balls drop before the timer runs out. Those who are still going once the set time has elapsed make it through to the next round. It would easily rank as one of Squid Game's most difficult games given the fact that it requires incredible endurance.

1 The Maze

Just as it sounds, players must navigate through a maze, picking up different items and finding their way out in the fastest time. A variation of The Maze is Laser Maze, where players have to navigate through a room picking up specific items without touching laser beams.

Of course, if a laser beam is touched in Big Brother, the player simply has to start over or gets time added to their final tally. In Squid Game, the outcome would be very different.

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