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Animal Crossing Players Share Resetti's Meanest Rants

Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are sharing their past experiences with Resetti, including the mean mole character's infamous rants. Fans who've played earlier games in the Nintendo series have noticed many differences between ACNH's villagers and NPCs when compared to those of some of the older titles, with lots of personality shifts since the franchise began.

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo's most popular series, with multiple titles spanning across a host of different consoles. While many believe the franchise began on Nintendo GameCube, it actually goes back a generation further, first releasing as Animal Forest for the N64 in Japan in 2001. 20 years on from its release and the AC community has grown substantially, with New Horizons being one of the Switch's best-selling games. The title has evolved from its early roots, with new ACNH features introducing more customization and design options, as well as improved graphics and multiplayer.

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Animal Crossing's November update saw many NPCs make their New Horizons debut, which has led to some confusion from those who've never before played an AC game. In a Reddit post asking for details on one of the newly-introduced characters, Resetti, user 90daygossip sparked conversations in the comments as players shared their experiences with the mole, who's remembered for telling players off if they'd forgotten to save their game. As explained by Scruffy42: "People might be underselling Mr. Resetti. He would scold you for a LONG time. If you don't shut down right, you will hear about it... On and on... and on." Other users shared their fear of Resetti's mean comments, with Geschinta admitting Resetti "scared the cr*p" out of them, while his music "still haunts" them. Redditor Zerobeastly told a particularly harrowing story of a fake deletion of their save, writing:

"I remember one time me and my brother shared a town on the Gamecube Animal Crossing and we kept resetting over and over just to have him rant. Then one time Resetti was like "You know what, you don't deserve it, so I'm just gonna DELETE YOUR SAVE FILE." The screen went black immediately, I screamed and my brother dove to rip the memory card out of the GameCube. Him on the floor and me staring at the TV with watery eyes, the screen came back on and Resetti goes "No, I wouldn't do that, BUT DON'T TRY ME AGAIN.""

See the post on Reddit here.

New Horizons players have frequently criticized the game for having villagers and NPCs that lack personality when compared to previous installments. In the GameCube and Nintendo DS games, villagers were more expressive and dynamic, able to make jokes' at players' expense, and even express dislike or disdain for them. Animal Crossing characters could also develop crushes on the player, leading many to feel that New Horizons' villagers are much less appealing, often repeating dialogue and being generally kind towards the user. Resetti's return to the franchise in ACNH highlights the issue, with the character now having let go of his anger and instead being more happy-go-lucky.

Unfortunately for those still hoping for more dynamic personalities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it doesn't seem to be a feature that Nintendo is planning. The company confirmed that the recent 2.0 update will be the last substantial patch for the game, meaning an overhaul of villager and NPC interactions probably won't be coming. While big content drops are now a thing of the past, players will still see occasional new game updates, with dataminers recently revealing new Christmas content planned for Animal Crossing.

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Source: 90daygossip/Reddit

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