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Even Marvel Admits The Avengers Need Therapy (And Get It)

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers #50!

The Avengers may be Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but even they need help with mental health now and then - and Marvel had just admitted that the Avengers have their own personal therapists to deal with just such a situation. Marvel's most powerful team has more than their fair share of personal traumas and inner demons, be they from fighting universe-ending villains such as Thanos or simply growing up in difficult environments. But finally in Avengers #50, readers receive confirmation that the Avengers are getting the professional help they need.

There have been plenty of mental health professionals with the world of Marvel Comics before Avengers #50. Jericho Drumm, otherwise known as Doctor Voodoo and appearing in several Doctor Strange stories, is a therapist in the Marvel Universe (with magical expertise). So too is Doc Samson, of The Incredible Hulk fame (he has, however, turned to evil from time to time). But there's been no confirmation that the Avengers have official mental health professionals until the midpoint of the team's latest adventure.

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During a team meeting between all the current Avengers, Robbie Reyes - the current Ghost Rider - pauses the meeting to talk about something important: his brother. He's concerned that when he dies, his brother will have no one to be his caretaker. But before he mentions anything, Captain Marvel picks up on Reyes' demeanor. T'Challa does as well, saying "This job can take a toll, Roberto. We have counselors available if you'd like to talk with someone." While this revelation that the Avengers have professionals available is an overall positive reveal, it should have happened decades ago.

The Avengers are mighty, but many of them have serious mental health issues that stem from their childhood or from battles that went south in a horrible way. Tony Stark had a serious alcohol addiction that threatened to derail his entire life (and almost ended it completely). Captain Marvel could certainly have used an official Avengers therapist when she lost her abilities after the X-Men's Rogue stole them wholesale - or even before that during the terrible events of Avengers #200. To say nothing of Bruce Banner's health issues, or Spider-Man's or nearly everyone else on the team.

At the very least, the door is open for the Avengers to consult their counselors more often. Perhaps in a followup issue, a reader might see Tony, Carol or even Steve Rogers talk to someone with professional experience. The Avengers can shrug off plenty of physical attacks, but underneath their super-strength and super-powered abilities, they are as human as anyone else.

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