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Fans Think Kim & Barry Plath Use Religion To Control The Kids

Since Welcome to Plathville season 1 premiered, viewers have noticed that Kim and Barry Plath like being in charge, and some fans of the show think that they use religion to control their children. The strict parents have been under the microscope for some time now, as fans often call them out. While Kim and Barry may feel that their manipulative ways have served them well, it is obvious that they've paid a heavy price.

Thanks to a very unique family dynamic, Welcome to Plathville took off, and it's now a hit with TLC viewers. Kim and Barry's strict rules seemed to work well for the family until the cameras started rolling. Viewers quickly learned that Kim didn't let her own children watch TV, eat sugar, or socialize unless they were at church. Through seasons of the series, fans have sided against Kim and Barry, especially after noticing that the parents seem to enjoy bossing their kids around. Viewers wonder why they have such an intense need to be in control.

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There have been multiple examples of Kim and Barry belittling their children and using their religion against them. The most recent season showed Kim telling Olivia she had evil spirits within her. Upon further questioning from members of the production team, the matriarch answered, "We believe that when people are experiencing bitterness, un-forgiveness, hatred, hatred of other people or hatred of themselves, you know any of those things, it's the influence from the devil." The Plaths are Christian fundamentalists and have been compared to the Duggars since they embrace similar lifestyles.

Fans learned early on that the Plath Family Band traveled to Baptist churches to perform their songs. During an episode, Ethan Plath shared that he and his family members would go to smaller home churches when he was younger, as Kim and Barry "didn't agree with how a regular church system functioned." On Welcome to Plathville, Kim and Barry have said that religion has played a significant part in their lives. There is no doubt that they have tried to pass their love of God down to their children. Sadly, at times, it feels like the parents are using religious rules as an excuse to dominate their children.

Kim and Barry Plath have been linked to the No Greater Joy Ministries, a controversial Christian fundamentalist organization to which the Duggars have also been connected. The founders Michael and Debi Pearl are authors of the highly criticized parenting book, "To Train Up A Child," which teaches homeschooling parents how to make their kids obey them. There is a feeling among fans that Kim has read this book from cover to cover. Even though Kim and Barry have started to acknowledge their faults, Welcome to Plathville fans do not believe they will stop using religion to get their way.

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