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Far Cry 6's Most Obscure Ubisoft Game References | Screen Rant

Far Cry 6 includes a variety of secrets, Easter Eggs, and references, many of which are connected to the game's developer and publisher, Ubisoft. There are references to Assassin's Creed, other Far Cry titles, and even a possible development team inside joke involving one of their dogs and its love for bananas. These obscure references, which can be found throughout the game, make it more interesting and give players some intriguing mysteries to uncover while exploring Yara in Far Cry 6.

Ubisoft references have been included in nearly all of its games, and the Easter Eggs have only gotten more frequent and intricate. Players that want to find every reference in Far Cry 6 will need to travel across the map to read every note, scan QR codes, and decipher a morse code sequence with an amusing message. Some of the Ubisoft references in Far Cry 6 are so easily missed that it's likely there are still some that remain undiscovered.

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The Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6 range from adding a companion from a previous game to including a banana-loving French Bulldog, and finding all of them is very time-consuming. Players can discover references that reference past games in the Far Cry series as well as items, interactions, or notes that connect Yara to previously featured locations. However, some of the Ubisoft references aren't as obvious or as easy to find.

There's one Ubisoft reference, in particular, that is difficult to find and even more work to actually decipher. Players can find power stations around Yara that give off a seemingly insignificant, repeated sound, but it's actually morse code. After decoding the sound, players will be left with the message, "Cameron Britton is the greatest sound designer of all time." Cameron Britton is a Senior Sound Designer for Ubisoft, so it's possible that he included this obscure reference himself. The power station morse code is one of the most easily missed Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6, but it's a fitting reference to an important Ubisoft sound designer.

There are several instances in Far Cry 6 where employees or their family members' names can be found in Yara. The first list of names can be seen on a note within María Marquessa Productions, which is located west of Claro River in the sub-region, Balaceras. To the left of the studio entrance, there's a black trailer with a horizontal purple stripe. Inside the trailer, players can find a note with a list of names, and each name is a member of the development team for Far Cry 6. This reference has some humor to it as the note demands that the people listed participate in Yaran culture or they will be punished.

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More lists of names can be found on the information boards scattered around Yara's map in Far Cry 6. One such board is found in the national park located in the Balaceras sub-region, and it has several groups of names that are representative of some of the development team's family members. The names are printed in gold and displayed on a plaque. The inclusion of the development team's family members is a nice way to honor the team and pay homage to the people they care about.

One of the Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6 remains a mystery, but fans theorize that it refers to one of the development team member's dogs. The start of the banana thief trail can be found in Aguas Lindas at the GDP Oil Platform. There's a note on one of the desks that describes several banana-related crimes and gives three locations. At the locations listed, players can find boxes of bananas and a framed photograph of a French Bulldog, who may rival Far Cry 6's Chorizo in terms of cuteness. Although the theory remains unconfirmed, it's likely that the dog in the photos belongs to someone involved in the creation of Far Cry 6.

In Far Cry 6's "Cache Money" treasure hunt bunker, there's a model ship and a note referencing Ubisoft's Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a toys-to-life game originally released in 2018. The note suggests that the ship could be a present for Diego Castillo and that it's from a game that kids are obsessed with. This reference is a clear plug for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and it even goes so far as to describe some of the gameplay and includes a reference to a television commercial.

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The Starlink Easter Egg actually takes things a step further by including the model ship, because Starlink is a toys-to-life game and is still playable. The ship that's on the shelf beside the note mirrors a physical ship that players got with the starter set for Starlink. The reference to Starlink is basically just a promotion to make people aware of it and revitalize the title. Self-promotion aside, it's an interesting reference that players can find if they are thorough in their exploration efforts.

One of Far Cry's minor reoccurring characters is Willis Huntley, who first appeared in Far Cry 3. The first reference to Huntley in Far Cry 6 comes in the form of a weapon charm. Huntley's dog tags can be found hidden within Juan Cortez's workshop in a small box. The charm can be equipped to any of Far Cry 6's guns, and closer inspection will show that the tags have Willis Huntley's name on them, meaning he has had some sort of run-in with Cortez in the past.

There's a second reference to Huntley found in Yara that can also be very easy to miss. At the end of the mission "The Deported", located in Yara's El Este region, players are given a choice to either kill Sean McKay or let him go. Killing him seems like the best choice given his transgressions, but if players let him live and stay in the room with him, they will discover another Easter Egg referencing Far Cry's Willis Huntley. It will take several minutes, but eventually, McKay will start making phone calls and the first one is to Huntley. If players wait long enough, they'll also hear McKay talking to Longinus, a character from Far Cry 4.

There is no shortage of Ubisoft references hidden around Far Cry 6, and many of them connect this installment to previous Far Cry titles. The more obscure references honor the development team, their family members, and some of the more overlooked Ubisoft games, like Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Players can explore the whole of Yara and still miss a handful of the Easter Eggs and subtle references hidden throughout the game.

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