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Marvel Comics Reveals The Absolutely Worst Thing About Iron Man

Warning! Spoilers for Captain America/Iron Man #1 by Marvel Comics

While Iron Man might not have any actual superpowers (well, not usually), Marvel Comics just revealed one of his surprising secret abilities: he's too nice for who he is. In a new preview for Captain America/Iron Man #1 by Marvel Comics, a villain reveals Tony Stark is far too nice, considering he's a billionaire and has one of the most inflated egos in the Marvel Universe.

This week, Marvel Comics is releasing a brand new series co-starring two of the most popular Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man. In Captain America/Iron Man #1, the Marvel heroes are both on the case of a Hydra agent who breaks out of prison. Teases for the comic suggest that both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will have a personal connection to the villain, bringing them together. But, of course, Captain America and Iron Man, who have battled alongside each other against some of the greatest threats in the universe and against one another in events like Civil War, don't always see eye-to-eye, setting up a fun dynamic for the team-up series.

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In a new preview of Captain America/Iron Man #1 by Derek Landy, Angel Unzueta, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC's Joe Caramagna, and Alex Ross, Tony Stark deals with a crime in progress. He discovers Fifty-One, an alien who was part of the Rangers superteam is one of the people responsible - and has quite a rap sheet as a wanted criminal. As Stark takes on the former hero and ends up getting fired at by more villains, the monologue (an unknown voice) in the comic reveals the worst thing about Iron Man: the fact he's so nice.





As whoever is monologuing puts it, the worst thing about Stark is, despite his money, ego, womanizing, and other toxic traits, his niceness. The voice says "a genius billionaire shouldn't be that nice. It's annoying." While some would argue Iron Man's selfishness or personal demons are the worst things about him, the (likely villain) voice is not a fan of his niceness, despite his wealth and social status.


It's going to be interesting to see which villain (or in a more unlikely case, villain) is calling out Stark for his niceness. That's not often the personality trait most people associate with Iron Man given his usual demeanor. However, it seems Tony Stark made quite the impression with his niceness, which is apparently the worst thing about him to that mysterious person. Captain America/Iron Man #1 by Marvel Comics is in stores on Wednesday.

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