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You: One Quote From Each Main Character That Defines Their Personality

In the thriller series You, many characters display a variety of personalities. From Delilah's strength to Sherry's power, the show displays strong, manipulative, and unhinged personalities that have engaged viewers for three seasons and have turned the series into one of Netflix's breakout hits.

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For the most part, everyone in You possesses a unique personality. Sherry and Cary deserve their own spin-off with how much definition is put into their characters. And they're not the only ones to establish personas on the show. Through defining quotes, the couple and the rest of the cast unveil key reveal revelations and transformations of each character.

Marienne is another strong, intelligent woman on You. She seems like the type that wouldn't take anyone's nonsense. Underneath her closed-off exterior, Marienne displays a more vulnerable side that wants to reform her ways and be there for her daughter.

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First and foremost, Marienne is a mother. And this quote boils her personality down to one sentence. Marienne only ever wants the best for her daughter. And she wants her daughter to experience a better life than she did. When it comes down to the wire, Marienne takes her child's safety over anything, as seen by her hatred towards her ex as well as her ability to flee from the chaos surrounding Joe and Love quickly.

Forty grew up with parents who were never around, and therefore, he heavily relied on his twin sister for support. He's pretty confident and highly privileged. Though charming, Forty is a bit sensitive and unhinged, being a recovering drug addict.

After being abused and drugged by the family au pair, Forty gets framed by Love for the murder. He then becomes a drug addict. Though this quote is aimed at love out of anger, it's definable as Forty. He refers to himself as broken, considering all he's gone through and the results. And he calls his sister out on it too, which gives way to his cheekiness and honesty.

One of the new characters in season 3, Sherry is the power mom and head of the inner circle of Madre Linda. She's well-known around town for her mommy blog and influencer position. She's pretty much the town gossip. Though she might not always like her husband, Sherry loves him and has an open and honest relationship with him.

Sherry says his quote to Love from the cage. She may say it as a part of her ploy to get Love to let her and Cary go. But it does seem true to her character. She likes to feel in control by her powerful position in her community. She puts up a cheery façade for the public as a control mechanism, allowing her to choose what gets to be known and criticized about her and her family.

Peach is one of the most intelligent characters in You. She's clever enough to realize Joe is no good. Peach shares a sort of awareness with him, where he knows she loves Beck, and she knows something's off about him. She's also wealthy, entitled, and a manipulative and overly possessive friend to Beck.

This quote is one of the first lines Peach has in the bar with Beck. It's one of the most sincere things she says. And it's actually true. Peach loves Beck and, though she struggles with her sexuality and feeling that way towards Beck, she'll do anything for her best friend. She may say things in a demeaning manner, but she does want what's best for Beck, like keeping her out of toxic relationships and helping her financially.

Upon first meeting Cary, he screams suburban dad, showing off his grill to Joe. But he's more than a barbecue guy. He proclaims himself a Master of Self-Optimization with a business he created. Cary gives off very masculine carefree vibes.

He says this line at the annual camping trip for the group of men. It describes him perfectly. Cary doesn't seem to restrain his manly impulses at all. He's very self-assured and goes with the flow, and he lives an honest, open lifestyle with his wife. There's not much more natural than that (except maybe throwing someone off a cliff).

Delilah is a tough, independent woman with guardianship over her teenage sister. After years of hardship in the city (moving there while underage and making a living by stripping), she only got stronger and became a reporter.

This quote describes Delilah perfectly. She directs this at Joe, seemingly offended but probably just to watch him squirm. Delilah doesn't need a man in her life to make it through, and she's proven it, being on her own then taking care of Ellie. She also learns not to be afraid to stand up for herself upon revealing Henderson's vial actions.

Candace first appears as a figment of Joe's memories. But when she actually appears at the end of season 1 and again in season 2, she's a force to be reckoned with. She's more than the first girl Joe murdered (or so he thought). Candace is a blazing fire ready to burn Joe down.

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Candace is definitely a fighter. She gets buried alive and emerges stronger. Most people would be traumatized, but she's out for vengeance. She wants to save the people Joe gets close to and for Joe to get what he deserves. Unfortunately, she's snuffed out before she can do much of anything, aside from warning Love, who already knew, and Forty, who couldn't really do much.

As a broke poetry student, Beck tries to live her best life. Though poor, she surrounds herself with wealthy friends who live a more leisurely life than her. Beck wants so much to simply fit in with her friends and be acknowledged by her father and fellow writers. But she tends to put herself down and thinks she's not good enough.

This quote is the definition of Beck. Though she is a very relatable character, Beck is a wishy-washy mess for most of season 1. And she knows it. She constantly calls her life a mess, doing nothing to fix it. She lets toxic people, like Peach and Benji, walk all over her. She lies to fit in with a group of horrible friends. It's almost as if Beck self-sabotages on purpose.

Love Quinn, who killed hearts everywhere during one of You's biggest twists, begins season 2 as a sweet baker and ends it as a female Joe. She grew up with absentee parents and a twin brother, who experienced abuse and subsequently turned to drugs. She took care of him most of her life. She feels the need to protect Joe in the same way.

This quote is Love because she has been doing what it takes her whole life. She went to great lengths to protect Forty, killing the au pair who abused Forty and again with Joe by killing Delilah and Candace. And once Henry is born, she kills Natalie to keep the family intact. Something within Love tells her to go to these extremes with her loved ones and makes her think that she does it for the better or that it needs to be done.

As the anti-hero of You, Joe is a pretty good guy in a twisted sort of way. He's clever, funny, and somewhat charming, seeing as he manages to win over all the girls he stalks. And he has a tortured past, much like many of the other characters on the show.

Joe takes the meaning of love to an entirely new level. This quote defines him to a tee. He seems to always do bad things for the people he loves, but he'll justify it, saying he needs to do it or it's in their best interest. He knows he's done wrong, but somehow it's okay because it's for someone he loves.

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